From the Desk of the Principal

09-19-2018Mrs. Catherine Lucero

Dear Parents,

This week we are learning about another skill: Important for safety and order-Following instructions.

Sometimes its hard to follow the rules and procedures, but I know you can do it. I want you to know that all of school rules and classroom rules that we ask students, and teachers and parents to follow have important reasons behind them to make sure everyone is safe, students can learn, and teachers can teach.

Catherine Lucero

Queridos padres,

Esta semana estamos aprendiendo sobre otra habilidad: Importante para seguridad y orden: siguiendo las instrucciones.

A veces es difícil seguir las reglas y procedimientos, pero sé que puedes hacerlo. Quiero que sepas que todas las reglas y reglas del aula que les pedimos a los alumnos, y que los maestros y padres sigan tienen razones importantes detrás de ellas para asegurarse de que todos estén seguros, los estudiantes puedan aprender y los maestros puedan enseñar.

Catherine Lucero


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Announcements & Events

Walk to Read

From 11:00-11:30am each day all of the students in grades 1-3 will be in groups to receive reading instruction at their reading level.


Traveling Mary Statue

Each grade will send home a Traveling Mary with instructions on saying the rosary as a family. The students are to bring back the statue of Mary and bag on Monday so we can then give it to another student. This reminds every family the importance of praying the rosary together.


Dine at Desert Rose Steakhouse and support OLPH School
Oct 7 2:00pm - 5:00pm

OLPH will receive 10% of items purchased at the steak house. Enjoy a delicious meal, and support OLPH at the same time!

Festival Information
Oct 26 - Oct 28

Festival Family Contribution * Raffle Tickets * Presale Ride wrist bands * and more...


In recognition of the quality Catholic education, the Western Catholic Education Association has granted Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School a Full Accreditation Status of six years. The Elementary Commission congratulates your school community on receiving this Accreditation Status through June 30, 2020.