From the Desk of the Principal

Week of October 10

10-10-2018Mrs. Catherine Lucero

Dear Parents,

This week we are asking the students to demonstrate their Social Skills. We are asking for sincere compliments. Be intentional about giving a sincere and specific compliment to your teachers and staff members. Just one teacher or one staff member each week this month. Look for ways they are demonstrating the DWP skill and let them know you appreciate it. This helps build morale.

Thank you,
Catherine Lucero

Queridos padres,

Esta semana les pedimos a los estudiantes que demuestren sus habilidades sociales. Estamos pidiendo sinceros cumplidos. Sea intencional al dar un cumplido sincero y específico a sus maestros y miembros del personal. Solo un maestro o un miembro del personal cada semana este mes. Busque formas en las que están demostrando la habilidad DWP y hágales saber que lo aprecia. Esto ayuda a construir la moral.

Catherine Lucero


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