March Newsletter

03-01-2020From the PrincipalMrs. Catherine Lucero

Dear Parents,

Lent is a very important time in our faith journey. Please continue to pray daily with your children, give up something as a family, and do some sort of service for others as a family. This will leave a lasting impression on your children forever.

Our accreditation audit is complete and we will find out in June the status of the accreditation. We chose 5 goals that we will be working on over the next 6 years that will support the learning of all students

  • To maximize each students growth and individual success by utilizing differentiated instruction
  • Create electronic longitudinal student data portfolio's to track and monitor all student growth and achievement in order to align instruction to meet individual needs of all students
  • Develop a process to measure growth of student understanding of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations
  • Expand the use of innovative technology in all classrooms to support student learning
  • Strengthen family and community involvement to positively impact student learning