School-Wide Learning Expectations

By supporting the Catholic Church's teachings on Social Justice, we will provide a faith filled environment that promotes a love of life, respect for the environment and a desire to be a life-long learner. We want our students to be:

School-wide Learning Expectations (Primary)

We will promote and encourage

Our Catholic Faith:

  • Learning our Roman Catholic Faith.
  • Uses prayer to grow closer to God.
  • Participates in the life of the church.
  • Lives the teaching of the bible.
  • Helps in the community.

Life Long Learner who:

  • Learns and uses information.
  • Is a problem solver.
  • Makes good Catholic choices.
  • Set and achieve goals.
  • Use time wisely.
  • Cooperates and follows directions.
  • Uses study skills.

Proficient Communicator who:

  • Communicates ideas.
  • Uses technology appropriately.
  • Expresses wants and needs.
  • Works cooperatively with others.

Humanitarian who:

  • Show love to all God’s Creation.
  • Respect and others and their belongings.
  • Understand the responsibility of a good citizen.
  • Accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • Expresses patriotism.

School-wide Learning Expectations

Roman Catholic who:

  • Displays knowledge of our faith and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Develops spiritually through prayer
  • Plans and participates in liturgies and devotions
  • Practices the gospel teaching by serving the community

Life Long Learner who:

  • Analyses, synthesizes, and evaluates information
  • Is an independent thinker and can apply problem-solving techniques
  • Considers alternatives and makes effective Catholic moral choices
  • Sets goals and strives for achievement
  • Exhibits the ability to regulate time efficiently
  • Cooperates and follows directions
  • Masters developmentally appropriate skills in all subject areas as stated in diocesan curriculum
  • Uses study skills and research effectively
  • Maximizes opportunity to exceed minimum requirements

Proficient Communicator who:

  • Communicates ideas in a variety of forms
  • Demonstrates competency in the use of technology
  • Analyses and expresses thoughts and opinions
  • Works cooperatively with others

Humanitarian who:

  • Acknowledges and responds to global and social issues
  • Respects self and others
  • Understands the responsibility of a good citizen
  • Possesses personal responsibility and shows accountability for his/her own actions
  • Expresses patriotism