School Uniform Policy

School uniforms have been a part of Catholic schools since their inception. They serve multiple purposes in enhancing the environment for children. Uniforms create a sense of oneness preventing children from determining their identity or others by the clothes they wear, the name brands, and the endorsements on their sneakers, etc. Our faith tells us that God has created us all equally; that no one person is better than another. We are all cherished and loved by God, because God made us.

Uniforms skirts, skorts, and jumpers may be purchased from:

  • Dennis Uniform Mfg. Co.
  • 2716 N 68th Street, Suite 4
  • Scottsdale, AZ 85257
  • (602) 220 - 0302


Children in the Preschool Program are to wear OLPH navy t-shirts and students in the in the Pre-Kindergarten Program are to wear a royal blue t-shirt. All of the children are to wear uniform khaki shorts/skorts or slacks.


Kindergarten - Fourth Grades:

Wear Wilson plaid - knife pleat uniform jumper or skort only, with a navy blue OLPH uniform shirt (jumper or skort must touch the knee). No cargo, leggings or name brand such as Dickies or jean pants may be worn.

Optional during cooler weather: Long sleeved navy shirt may be worn under the polo school shirt. Students may wear navy blue sweatpants on PE days, only. Sweatshirts that have our school logo may be worn in the classroom. Any other colors of jackets or sweatshirts must be removed when students are in the classroom or church.

Fourth – Eighth Grades:

Wear Wilson plaid - knife pleat uniform skirt or skort only, (skirt/skort must touch the knee). Fifth through Eighth Grade students may wear either a white or navy blue uniform shirt. Uniforms are designed to be comfortable. Sweatshirts that have our school logo may be worn in the classroom. Any other colors of jackets or sweatshirts must be removed when students are in class.

Optional during cooler weather: Girls may wear white or navy blue knee high socks or footed tights with their dress uniform. Name brand pants are not part of our uniform and may not be worn. Students may wear OLPH navy blue sweatshirts in the classroom. All other outer wear must be removed while students are in class.


Kindergarten – Eighth Grade

Khaki uniform pants or shorts with a navy blue OLPH uniform shirt for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Students in Fifth through Eighth Grade may opt to wear a white OLPH uniform shirt. No cargo pants, brand name pants, or jeans may be worn. Only short sleeve white undershirts may be worn under polo shirt.

Optional during cooler weather:

Long khaki school uniform pants. (Purchased through Dennis Uniform) A long sleeved shirt that matches the colored short sleeved school uniform shirt may be worn underneath. Any student may wear school logo navy blue or red sweatshirt in the classroom during cooler weather. Any other non uniform shirts must be removed while the students are in class.

Physical Education

Kindergarten through Eighth grade students will have PE. Students in 5 grade are required to wear their OLPH Physical Education uniform t-shirt and shorts for PE class. It is recommended that students wear tennis shoes to school. During the cooler months, navy blue sweatpants are permissible for PE class. No other colors are permitted.

All Students

Student shirts must be tucked in at ALL times - NO exceptions. Rolling or turning a shirt under does not constitute being tucked in; skirt waistbands and belts must be visible. SOLID brown or black belts must be worn in Third through Eighth Grades. Kindergarten girls and boys are encouraged to wear elastic waist pants/shorts. Preschool through Second Grade students do not need belts.